1st Birthday Photo Ideas

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We wanted to have a Photobooth at our daughter’s first birthday party for our guests to enjoy & to take home a little memorabilia. Pixel design team customized the photo card for us to fit our “hot air balloon” theme, it was great. The staff that came to our event was professional & accommodating to all the kiddies who loved playing with the prop box. Ner L.’s Yelp ReviewCapturing your little one’s 1st Birthday is a must!  We work with a lot of parents that are getting ready to celebrate their baby’s big day and are looking for unique 1st birthday photo ideas.

Having a photo booth at a 1st Birthday party is a fun and unique way to capture precious memories of friends, family and of course the BABY!  The main question we get from parents for their babies 1st birthday party is “Can you incorporate our party theme?”  YES, we can!

Sometimes the venue may have a perfect spot that you’d like incorporated into the photos, or you may want a special birthday backdrop created.  This is where the customization creativity can be unique and special to your baby’s 1st birthday.

1st Birthday Photo Ideas

1.  Signage  – Signs can add a really cute touch while also giving guests a prompt.
Source: Photo Booth Open/Closed Sign by SarahQhappybooths on etsy.

2.  Backdrops  –  Bunting can tie in the party colors while creating a cute backdrop for the photos.
Source: Torn Rag Tied Garland Bunting by freshsqueezedbaby on etsy.

3.  Clothing A 1st birthday outfit is a must and makes a special addition to baby’s keepsake box.
Source: 1st Birthday Tie Shirt / Onesie by TheBaerEssential on etsy.

4.  Backdrops – Even more bunting! Great to layer, or hang two in multiple directions – (one height for children & 1 height for adults).
Source: Traditional Pennant Bunting by freshsqueezedbaby on etsy.

5.  Props –  Props aren’t just for major photography shoots, details can pull the theme and photos together while also giving baby & guests something to pose with. And of course, many “props” can be continually utilized in daily life.
Source:  Paper Suitcases by Shop Sweet Lulu.

6.  Seating  – Adding unique or fun seating can take your photos to the next level, while also giving a touch of entertainment for your little guests.  (Also a great gift!)
Source:  Pedal Cars & Ride Ons by American Pedal Car.

A Real Pixel Photo Booth 1st Birthday Party

If you’ve not been to a real 1st birthday party with Pixel Photo Booth yet, then this will give you an idea of how much fun it can be and all of the great customization that can be done.  You’ll love the customization but most of all you’ll love fun memories that are created when using the booth and that you are getting to send a 1st birthday memento home with each guest, plus we’re pretty sure you’ll have some amazing scrapbook photos too look back at!

From wearable props, to custom backdrops and signs to hold – there are countless ways to inject creativity and fun into your photo booth pics!

7.  “Wearable” Props  – Wearable props can be the typical mustache, glasses, hats and boas but for baby’s 1st baby – you can make it extra memorable by adding in a themed wearable.  For this 1st Birthday Party, we had a special 1st birthday cape customized for the super-hero birthday boy with an A on it for Austin and had several capes for guests to pose with and fly around the room in.
Source: Pixel Photo Booth

8.  Photo Booth Props & Scenic Backdrop – Hand held props are a must for baby’s 1st birthday!  These can be custom to match the theme, to draw special attention to the birthday boy or girl,  and for party guest (kids and adults!) to have an FUN time.  The creative options for props and scenic backdrops for the photos are endless.
Source: Pixel Photo Booth

9.  Balloons as Props  –  It is pretty much a given that a 1st birthday party will have balloons!  They catch the eye and incorporate party colors perfectly, plust they’re so much fun.  When it comes to photo booth, they are perfect in pictures – whether they are wearable balloon props or part of the backdrop surroundings.  They add a great dimension and pop of color to 1st birthday photos and often help create a lot of smiles.
Source: Pixel Photo Booth

We hope you have a fantastic time planning and celebrating your little one’s 1st birthday party!


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